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Electrical works

installation for 380kV/132kV/115kV/110kV GIS, 69/33/13.8 kV SWGRs, control panels, protection panels, SAS panels, TRAFOS, MDB, ACDB, DCDB, cable trays, HV/MV/LV cable pulling/terminations, capacitor bank, iso phase bus duct, fire alarm, firefighting, fire system FM 200, HVAC…..etc).

Instrumentation work

CCTV installation, sensors installations, RTUs installations, SCADA system installation, FIBER OPTIC installation).


Replacement and retrofitting projects electrical installation.


2012 - 2013

2014 - 2016

2017 - 2019 

On going 

  • Fire Fighting System Replacement of Groove Fittings.

  • Installation of 34.5 KV Transformers

  • Installation of Switch Gears (LV, MV, HV)

  • Design & Estimation of Fire Fighting System

  • Installation of MCC & PLC Panel

  • Construction of 380 KVA S/S at Hail-3 BSP 3039

  • Construction of 38 KVA S/S, Al-Kharj

  • Repair of Firefighting Work in AIC – PR No. PDSR 109

  • Construction of 380/230 KV S/S – Safaniyah BSP

  • Construction of 380/115/13.8 KV S/S, Dhahran South

  • Installation and testing for Uthmaniyah PP 115 KV Substation with new GIS Substation

  • Electrical Installation works- 115KV/33Kv MODON substation

  • Unified Contract for Distribution network up to 36 Kv in Nuorten Electricity Department - 5 Years

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